Install in Groove Agent

I have bought the Nashville expansion for Groove Agent. It’s downloaded in my download folder but I don’t know how to install it. I have used the library manager,but it doesn’t show up in Groove Agent. The files start with ADD SMT and other already installer files start with PCP SMT.

Any ideas how to install theright way.


Yes - I know and been thru that - the problem is that the library doesn’t show up in Groove Agent.

If it doesnt show is because is not yet installed to the mediabay and registered.


Maybe it’s me but after installation the Nashvill sounds still doesn’t show up.

I have these pictures to show you……it’s installedbut dowesn’t show up in Groove Agent.

Any new ideas?

Greetings and thank


From the images you show i can only see that you have a red mark on your Library manager, try fix that, maybe there is something wrong related to this one problem.
Apart from that i see you have all in the right locations. Does it show as registered in your eLicence / steinberg account?

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THANKS a LOT! You guided me the right way. I hadn’t done a proper e-licenser installation. Error 40……again:)

I´m glad i helped.
Nice one. Mark this post as Solved.
All the best.