install nuendo 6.5 question

hello I want to install nuendo on a new computer, can I use the update from nuendo 6.5 or do I have to install all the other updates first ?


as long as you have a valid Nuendo 6.5 license you can use the 6.5 retail installer.


thanx for your quick reply timo,

yes I have a valid license, I also have the Nek ,

can I install the Nek the same way as you told about nuendo 6.5 ?


hello, I installed nuendo 6.5 on my old computer ( with latest nuendo stuff )

but i get the message: no license found , start activation, but that I already did,

i have also got the newest e-licenser ( I work with a dongle )

is there something I missed?

regards karl

Here are the full ISO images…

Burn to DVD’s if you want a physical copy or mount them on the mac or use a utility on the PC. or daemontools etc.

that’s wonderful !! thnx !