Install on a new rig question

I have Cubase 8 all the way up to version 12 on my current iMac. In each case I purchased the upgrade. However, I am about to receive a brand new Mac. Do I have to install the earlier versions or can I just install 12? Will I get the whole version or just the upgrade?


If you only want the latest version on your newly purchased computer you do not need to install any previous versions.
All the versions of Cubase you have installed are full versions and are not reliant on any previous versions. There might be differences in the content accompanied by each versions such as plugins and audio/MIDI content.

Just be aware that you should deactivate Cubase12 on the old computer if you plan to sell it or give it away… That is the disadvantage of the new licensing system.

Thank you for the responses, I appreciate the advice. I will uninstall all Cubase versions from the old Mac and do a fresh install of 12 on the new Mac. I will apply this process to my Dorico installation as well.