Install on Macintosh

I tried to install Cubase 5 on my wife’s Mac Airbook running El Capitan (10.11.6) and I keep getting the message “Wrong version of Macintosh. This program needs OS 10.5 or higher” Other than being completely and utterly stupidly optimistic that a piece of Apple hardware might be compatible with ANYTHING AT ALL not made by Apple, what am I doing wrong? Or is this another total waste of time trying? Thanks

don´t know. but in this forum are several ones, who got the same or a similiar problem with the Mac, that they couldn´t install an older Cubase version. do you got an other computer with Windows-System in your ability? i ain´t got a Mac and don´t got experience with it.

Cubase 5 is not supported on El Capitan

What a surprise! …Not! Thanks for letting me know, (seriously, that will save me a few hours banging my head on the “Nothing you get to like ever stays the same” wall), Oh, and the Apple barrier, of course.