Install previous version (3.5)

I have the last version of Dorico installed (3.5.11), but I would like to open a file that was created with 3.5 as the new version (3.5.11) has made changes in the file that I don’t want to work on. I deleted the 3.5 version installation file and now I can’t find the 3.5 version anywhere. Does anybody know where to download it? Or should I contact support service?
Thank you very much in advanced!

Your best bet is to use the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks, only 3.5.10/11 is available via Download Assistant… I need the first version of 3.5.

What are the unwanted changes being made?

I had problems with the separation of the staves in one project, and some playing related problems in another.

I have solved the playing problems reinstalling last version.