Install Question -mac

I’m finally going to take the plunge and attempt install of C8. What makes this a bit more of a challenge is that I’m also having to update to Yosemite from 10.8.5

So far I’ve cloned my working 10.8.5/Cubase 7.5.4 drive (which I will preserve) to another “experimental” drive and upgraded it to Yosemite (upgrade, not clean). I’m currently testing C 7.5.4 on it, seems good so far but need more time on it to make sure. When I’m confident all’s good with C7 and Yosemite, I’ll make the move to try C8.

I’ve downloaded the full C8 installer (9.2 gigs) which I’m presuming is still C8.0 and plan on installing it and the upgrade to 8.0.10 instead of the smaller update version with which I’ve read here some users had trouble with missing files and sounds.

My current understanding is that full installer will not install duplicates of files I already have, is this correct? Will it look to see what is already there and check it off as “already installed” somehow? I just need to know a bit more of how the installer works to be confident I’m making the right choice and don’t end up with a mess of duplicated files and content path errors.

Ideally, I should probably do clean installs of both the operating system and C8 but time is at a premium for me right now and if this could somehow work, I would be most pleased.

Any tips or shared related experiences would be most welcome

Thanks, Stephen


Aloha s,

install and use Yosemite for a while to get used to it because it is quite diff from 10.8.5.

I would say give it a week or two.

Then once you are comfortable with the new OS,
make sure that all 3rd party gear (soft and hardware) is both CP8 and 10.10 compatible.

Then install CP8.

I do believe I have read posts saying some folks have CP8 running on OS 10.8.x but I am not sure;
and even it this is true, CP8 is only ‘officially’ compatible with 10.9 and 10.10.

But since you are changing OS’s (and if you have a sense of adventure :slight_smile: ) you might want to give CP8 a try in 10.8.5 anyway.

Good Luck!