Install/reinstall/authorization questions

Recently got a new Macbook, just upgraded OS to 10.8.

Did a restore from the Timemachine backup of my old laptop, so Cubase 6 is installed, but still needs to be authorized (haven’t launched it yet).

  1. Should I go ahead and do a fresh install from disc? (including recently released update?)

  2. If so, is there anything special I have to do to remove what’s already been copied over?

  3. Can I switch the authorization over to the new machine myself (mysteinberg?), or do I need to contact tech support for that?


Your “authorization” - just like anyone else’s with Cubase 6 is on the USB Key, and therefore all you have to do is stick the key into your new machine.

Then please to explain this:

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 12.41.17 PM by davidaltemeier, on Flickr

It still launches and runs, but I’d still like to resolve this…


That´s about a soft-elicenser, Cubase 6 uses a USB e-licenser (also called “Hardware licenser” as in your screenshot), and therefore does not need to be reactivated.

Ah. I guess I’m confused as to why that would pop up when I’m launching Cubase then?


To tell you that a soft e-licenser has been deactivated, because it no longer the same computer it was originally installed on. I don´t have any info on your computer and software, so I don´t know why you had a soft e-licenser activated. It is however not because of Cubase 6.
As always: Download and install the latest e-licenser software.
Should you indeed hav software that requires an soft e-licenser -> The re-activation procedure is explained in mySteinberg and the knowledge base. And if nothing else helps, do as the message says and contact your software vendor´s support.

Ok, thanks for the input.

Anybody have any comments about questions 1 or 2?