Install step by step process guide for going from 6.5 to 12pro - is there such a thing?

Hi there,

I’m about to be updating to Cubase 12 from 6.5 on a new M1 Mac “whenever it arrives”, on MacOS Monterey. I’m looking for a step by step install process guide for myself, as I have done this in a long time. Is there anything I need to do on the new mac in prep for getting cubase12 going. I have the usb licenser. Do I need to try put the old 6.5 software on the new mac? Do I need the usb licenser for this process? Will the Steinberg download assistant just look after everything? And all I have to do is just follow the prompts through the download assistant. Will the download assistant be able to figure out I’m a real customer with a real licence and just do whatever needs to be done. Presuming by logging into Steinberg account it’ll know I have a Cubase licence and will allow the upgrade. Will the download assistant do any licence activation or reactivation ? or will I have to do that?

If you can you tell me the steps that I need to follow to take me successfully through this process. Your assistance is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe this helps a bit…

I would try to update on the old machine and just install C12 on the new one. You don’t need to install the whole package to update.

Can I ask a similar question?
I have cubase 11 Pro and a ton of plugins and add ons like Melodyne etc. It has taken me forever to get everything running lovely and stable.
I’d like to upgrade to 12 now.
If I do a fresh install of 12 will I have to setup and install everything else from scratch again? I presume if I just update to 12 it will keep everything else working but then if I have problems with 12 I can’t just switch back to 11?

Is there an idiot guide to go from 11 to 12?

Each major version of Cubase installs independent of any other versions. When you install Cubase 12 it doesn’t take your Cubase 11 and make changes to it to transform it into Cubase 12 - it is a totally new installation. When finished both 11 & 12 will be available to use and Projects between them are compatible both ways.

Update only refers to the licensing and not the installation.

Right, thank you raino.
So, to be clear, (cos I can be thick as a plank) I buy and install cubase 12 today, open a project in 12 that I was working on yesterday in 11 and all my plugins, extensions etc will be available just as before. The only “difference” will be that I am now running 12?

Hi, It may or may not be a problem for you but Prologue/Mystic/Spector have been removed from Cubase 12, There are many posts about it, here is one that also includes workarounds if you deem necessary.

Other than that, everything should be fine. :slight_smile:

Loopmash has also been discontinued and does not appear in Cubase 12.

Yeps, that too! but the insert option for that is still available, and all is covered in the thread I linked :slight_smile: