Install VST 5 and SX3 in a Power macintosh 7600

Dear Cubase lovers!

How do I Install VST 5 and SX3 in a Power macintosh 7600. I really hope someone have experience with this cuz my darling 48 songs needs to see the light and be run in the latest Cubase version. What license key(s) do I need to get?

Hope someone will help me :slight_smile:

all the best

Did you not read your other thread on the same subject ? :unamused:

yes did now. Thanks for the hint Paul. Am a little confused sorry.
I will surely buy cubase pro 8 for my imac but i still have the problem of converting my vest 3.5.5 songs out of the old mac. Since the computer is from 1996 there is no USB for dongles, there is only acces via 3.5 floppy disk and CD. So license for that mac hm? Helge tells me that a way is to save the songs in vst 5, then SX3 and then save the whole lot to CD and import in cubase pro 8 on my imac.

If you buy Cubase 8 Pro, that automatically gives you the licenses for all previous versions like VST5 & SX3, but the licenses would be on the Dongle.

I don’t know if the old cubase programs will run on your iMac, other Mac users will have to chime in.

I would confirm that they will run first before buying C8, as, unless you can add USB ports externally on your old machine, I’m not sure how you would even get VST5 to run on the old machine, as if you bought C8, the licenses would be on the Dongle.

Sounds confusing I know, but I’m not a Mac user so I’m just going by what I know from a PC perspective.