Installation and Configuration ?'s Artist 8.5

Hello all,

I am new to Cubase, following a recent find of a CMC controller that appealed to my “wish I had a real hands on console to experience” self! :wink: One led to 4 controllers now! …along with deciding to upgrade my AI8 that came with the first one, to Artist 8.5 now to fully use them as designed (and to give Cubase a fair chance in my collection of favorite DAW’s gathered).

Question is:
When I upgraded via a boxed upgrade version, it came with a bunch of extra add on disks that I also installed to see what they were all about, some/all being timed demos for full versions, but I believe offered extra content that possibly would stay after demo period ended (instruments, fx, loops, etc). Again, I’m new, so I could be wrong but is how it sounded to me when reading it all over on day one install and box opening.
When I was done with the upgrade path (many separate upgrades to download in order I guess), I was left with version 8.5 as was promised. My problem, or confusion, is that 8.5 seemed to be a smaller upgrade file without lots of content included (the free upgrade offer), and when the smoke cleared from my churning drive eventually, I was left with apparently 2 separate Cubase versions listed on my OS X 10.11 desktop, version 8, and version 8.5! My old gal has limited main drive space, so I decided to uninstall version 8, seemed logical (even though there was no clear print or instruction about this in upgrade process, hint hint Cubase Team).

  1. I am pretty sure I lost all my additional content from original load now, or how can I tell guys/gals?
  2. Did I make a mistake by deleting the listed separate version 8 install?
  3. If so, can I somehow reload all of those bonus discs to 8.5?
  4. Why is it only showing version 8 as avail download in my account? …not my registered 8.5?
  5. Why isn’t my account showing the initial bonus content pkg’s as possible downloads/upgrades either?
  6. I don’t recall seeing an option to install some content files to external hard drive like other programs offer, did I miss something there? Again, would be a great and widely used feature at install for those without monster systems.
  7. If not, am I able to move any files/folders to my external after the fact to save main drive space?

Theses are all both questions and suggestions for implementation consideration for future install and maintenance process.

All your help and suggestions appreciated!

Hey bud:)

If there is confusion, just remove the whole lot (since you havent really tweaked it yet)

Go to your account on the steinberg site-> make sure that you have registered the 8.5 update (you need to register the 8.5 coming from v8)

“With Cubase Pro 8.5 registered in your MySteinberg account you can find all necessary files for a complete installation under “My products” -> “Downloads”.”

Download the full 8.5 iso (9gb or so)

Install the full 8.5

Then, go to

And install the latest version.

(2 downloads/installs in total)

This should leave you with all the 8.5 content…