Installation and upgrade

hello it turns out that I have 2 cubase license
Cubase 10.5 pro which was installed on an old pc
Cubase 11 pro installed on a newest laptop

And I just got a brand new desktop PC where I reinstalled Cube 10.5
But after reflection I would like to install cube 11 to take advantage of the upgrade promo and upgrade to cube 12 (that new desktop pc got more ram etc)

And install cube 10.5 on my laptop because it would be more than enough for me on the go

Can you tell me the best procedure to follow and if I risk to having licensing problems?
Thanks in advance

Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have two Cubase licences, it means that you have two e-Licencer keys (dongles), as both versions weren’t using the new Steinberg Licencing scheme, yet. So, I would install Cubase 11 beside the 10.5 on your new desktop, using the correct e-Licencer key (the one with the Cubase 11 licence active on it).

Normally, there shouldn’t be any problem and, during the installation process, the 10.5 preferences will be used to configure Cubase 11. Here, I have three Cubase Pro versions installed : 10.0.60, 11.0.41 and 12.0.50, the two formers are installed with my e-Licencer key, the latter is using the new Steinberg Licencing. No issue, so far…

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Thank you very much cubix13 i will definitly try this
cheers !

well it’s not working… yet…
it seems that i need a new activation code
i’ll let you know

If you had two valid licenses you do NOT need an activation code for those licensed versions.
You do need the eLicenser with the relevant licence plugged into the computer though.