Installation CUBASE 6.5: No "VSTPLUGIN"-FOLDER!?

:arrow_right: Could anybody advise, please…

:arrow_right: I’ve done yet another clean install of Cubase 6.5, but this time there is :open_mouth: no “vstplugin”-folder directrly under the “Programs\Steinberg” folder, only “Cubase 6” and “Asio”!

There is a “vstplugin”-folder under the “Cubase 6”-folder, but I assume it’s Cubase 6 VST plugins, not 3rd party.

:question: Should I create a “vstplugin”-folder (in C:\Program Files\Steinberg) myself, and then point Cubase thereto by “updating” plugins on the “Devices\Plugin Information-tab”?

:imp: Why does this happen!?

:arrow_right: I installed Cubase 6.5 and installed the update 6.5.3 immediately, before any other 3rd party plugins where installed. (Maybe this was the “cause”)!?

Your assistance is appreciated, as always!

PS: I’m on PC, Win 7 (64-bit)

Try to check C:/Program Files/Common Files/

Of course, you can make your own folder, and direct Cubase to this folder. But some plug-ins can install it to the default folder, so you will have to change (customize) the location in any next isntallation of plug-ins, or copy all *.dlls in to your folder in the future for all your next installations.

Thank you, but I still do not understand why Cubase 6.5. did not create the default “vstplugin” folder.

…an Enigma.