Installation disc

After running Cubase Elements 9 for a few months I decided to upgrade to Pro 9. I ordered a disc through Guitar Center and was surprised to find that there was only a flash drive in the box. The physical makeup of the box had a slot that looked like it could have had a DVD in it but the flash drive was all that was inside. That is not so strange in itself but the new (refurb Win 10) PC I just bought to house the new Cubase won’t recognize the flash drive.

Soooo, I have 2 issues. Does the installation package come with only a flash drive and is my new refurb screwed up. If you have bought Pro 9 (or just Pro and upgraded) and it only came with a flash drive and you installed it successfully, then I can put that part to bed and focus on the relationship between the USB and the flash drive to troubleshoot my issues.


The flash drive is really a flash drive or is the USB-eLicenser ?
You can create an account in My Steinberg and download the whole installation file from there.

Hi and welcome,

Most probably, this is not a flash drive. This is the USB-eLicenser, where will be the Cubase Pro 9 license stored. The installer is downloaded.

But I wonder you bought the upgrade in a local store. I think, the upgrades are available in the Steinberg Online Shop only.

I bought what I thought was a program/installation disc. It came in a box that says Cubase & was factory shrink wrapped.

It was supposed to be a full program that can be upgraded to 9 onve it is installed… I thought.

Ok, it seems it’s some older Cubase version (like Cubase Pro 8.5, 8, or so. Thanks to the Grace Period, you are able to upgrade it.

So the installation discuss would contain this older version only anyway.

So install eLCC. Plug in the USB-eLicenser. Start eLCC. You should see the license. Start Maintenance. Your should get license of Cubase Pro 9. Register your USB-eLicenser to your MySteinberg. Download Cubase Pro 9 from your MySteinberg and install it.

You got the full license, but you have to download the latest version online.