Installation from DVD image download

Downloaded, meanwhile twice, from here “Groove Agent DVD 1 (ISO Image) Mac & Windows · 518 MB”.
But always get an error telling me that the .pkg is damaged and could not be opened. Anyone else the same problem. Seems there is sth wrong with the download.

Try to use a real download manager for downloading the images. The manager build into browsers, is normally not the best thing to use for stability. I would guess your image somehow got corrupted in the download process.


Hi SSL, I don´t think its the browser. Downloaded again, still the same. The content iso works. Wondering that not more people have this problem. So it seems its maybe related, for which reason ever, to me.
Anyways installed now from the DVD. But had to do this with shared cd/dvd because my iMac has no drive.

Ok, update. The “Start Center” is working now. Well known trick, right klick to open, did the job. The installer inside the OS X folder “Groove Agent.pkg” still gives this error. Also when opened with right click. Maybe this is helpful for someone else too.

Update: Did not continue. The “Start Center” als tries to open the Groove Agent.pkg and fails with the same error. Downloaded again and still. Weird.

Solution: check “ignore owner” on the mounted image!!!

Still wondering if I am the only one with this problem. Meanwhile reproduced on 2 different machines here. My last posted fix did not work on the third machine I tested it. But it worked than with the 2nd trick :wink:
Just convert the mounted installer image with disk utility to a .dmg. Than like magic it works.

I’m stuck with this also.

No way to open the installer. I am baffled.

edit: OK, ‘ignore ownership’ uptick did the trick. Thanks to above poster. Helped immensely.

Same issue here OS 10.9.5

Solution almost the same — Ignore ownership was ticked by default. But the setting had a padlock symbol by it. Unlocking that on both ISOs allowed the installer to run.

Yes, downloaded image can’t be installed on Yosemite

Dear Steinberg,
Is there an ISO/disk image that has both WIN+MAC combined?
I would like/prefer one install media, that can install either platform
in other words, why should I download the content twice seeing as you have posted two different 7Gb images for win or mac