installation groove agent 4

Hi , I have downloaded the trial version of Groove Agent 4 - in the same path as the Halion - but I cannot
see the Groove Agent in the overview VST Instruments or anywhere else in Cubase.

Does anyone know, which are the most common mistakes when loading new vst instruments ??


What operating system are you on? Do you see the GA4 trial license on your USB key in the eLicenser? Be sure to have installed the latest version from Open the eLCC and run Maintenance, then Actions, Validate License Usage Periods.

I Have A Problem, I install element 7 on my pc and activation work perfec … Now I wanna install it on mac and it said i already use my activation code !!! how can i fixt this ?

Is your problem with GA4? I think you may have meant to post this as a new topic.

You should be able to reinstall CE7 on the Mac, then go to your MySteinberg account and follow the instructions Reactivate there. If you have trouble with the reactivation, please email a support request from your MySteinberg account and include the new SeL number and your original activation code. Thank you.

So that others know, the solution to this issue was installing GA4 as a 32 bit plugin to have it be seen in a 32 bit host.