Installation Help

I’m having random crashes and blue screens on my machine so about to do a reformat and clean reinstall of everything.

I bought Cubase 6.5, installed and then bought Cubase 7 UD1 and installed. Can I simply avoid installing 6.5 first and just install a clean, full and fresh Cubase 7 from the UD1 disc I received?

Dpends on which Update you have. Frequently asked question here - try the search…

I have actually searched but no answer on this. Also, I noted UD1 upgrade from 6.5, and it was a boxed version hence why I said install from discs.

Sorry, missed that. Only saw UD 1, which is a Thomann? internal naming, IIRC. Then you should be able to install C7 directly from the disc.

you could do and to make sure you get all the contents you could just install the complete 7.0.2 from what i understand