Installation Instruction Location

Hi Dorico comunity.
I just purchased and downloaded Dorico Pro 2.2 (using Steinberg Download Assistant).
Can someone kindly point me to comprehensive installation instructions for this product.
I’ve had a look around the Steiny website but not having much luck finding this info (probably hidden in plain sight somewhere LOL).

You should just be able to double-click on the install package you downloaded… both Dorico and Halion.

I’m not saying it’s not on the website, but this link might be helpful as an alternative:

Thanks for the reply Dan.
I’ve got Cubase Pro 8.5 already installed & working well on my PC (Win 10).
I noticed it has a version of Halion Sonic SE 2.02 already installed as part of the original Cubase installation.
Do I need to uninstall HSonic SE 2.02 before I install HSonic SE 3 or just let the Dorico installer overwrite/update the existing installation?
What about the Orchestra Library - just install it?
Hopefully one of the official Steiny people might be able to chime in & shed some light on the location of the installation documentation?

You don’t need to uninstall 2.02, no. Just install HSSE 3. And yes, you want HSO. That’s the sound library that comes standard with Dorico Pro. Unless you do what I did, and use NotePerformer instead.

Thanks again Dan - I’ll install as you recommended. Drum roll … … …

Another question: Should I unplug the USB eLicenser device before I install Dorico?
Edit: ie shut down PC, remove eLicenser device, restart PC, install Dorico???

Not sure (I used a soft elicenser) but I would think you should leave it plugged in. Or maybe it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for your help. Got everything installed so all good.

To ease the load on my C: drive, I have my samples stored on an external SSD connecting to my MacBook Pro via USB C.

Can I install HSO on this external drive while keeping Dorico itself on the C: drive? Is this self evident how to do this in the installation process?

I have to say that the complete lack of installation information in the manual is very unnerving.

You can indeed do it: when you run the HALion Symphonic Orchestra installer, keep an eye out for the point at which it offers you the choice of installation location, and then change it there.

Thanks, Daniel

BTW, Daniel, the version I bought was the boxed one and I was expecting a DVD, but I only had a code and a dongle - is that right? Also - can I add Dorico to my Cubase dongle?

Though an installation DVD is not an unreasonable assumption to make, I can’t see any mention of a DVD if you try to buy a boxed copy of Dorico here:

You can certainly add Dorico to your Cubase dongle. Install and activate Dorico, then plug your dongle in, run the eLicenser Control Center and drag and drop your Dorico license from the computer to the dongle.

The problem with DVDs is that they get out of date when they sit in somebody’s storeroom for months before being sold. They also cost money to produce, of course.

Being forced to download the most recent version of the software after you buy it bypasses the problem of wondering why things in the tutorial videos and this forum don’t work for you when you just bought and installed “Dorico 2” from a DVD, but the latest (free update) version is actually Dorico 2.2.10 not Dorico 2.0.

Ditto. How many times have we installed some program (from whatever source), and the first message we receive when starting the program is “Checking for updates” ?

Daniel - you said I could select where to put HSO, but it is refusing to let me install it anywhere other than on the MacOS disc, so I can’t put it on my external SSD.

Ah, sorry, robinhoodmusic, I foolishly assumed you were running a Windows system. On Mac at present you don’t get a choice of where the content gets installed, but you can through nefarious means move it later on. The arrival of the HALion Library Manager with HSSE3 points the way forwards to a future where this kind of thing won’t be a problem: you’ll be able to simply move the content to a new location and then point the HALion Library Manager at the new location, but unfortunately HSO hasn’t yet been updated to use this new scheme. It is planned.

I can’t right at this minute find the knowledge base article I’m sure I’ve read that talks about this specifically for HSO, but this one for The Grand describes the basic procedure for the nefarious method: you have to install the content in the default location, then move it manually, and put aliases in the right place so that HALion can still find the content as expected.


I bought Dorico recently, but haven’t installed it yet. I’ve never used a USB eLicenser before, so I’m confused as to the entire process. I’ve read some stuff on the forums, but I don’t see anything very helpful.

I downloaded the Steinberg Download Assistant app and installed it. After I selected “Dorico Pro 2”, I saw a list of 5 downloadable files.
I assume I need these three:
Dorico Pro 2.2.10 - Applicaiton Installer
Dorico 2.2.10 Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE3
Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library

I assume I don’t need these two:
Dorico 2.2.10 - Version History
Update to Dorico Pro 2.2.10

I downloaded the eLicenser Control Center app, (eLC Version, used “Enter Activation Code” to add a license to the eLicenser, and I think I’m good to go with that.

(1) Am I correct that once all the zillion GBs of stuff downloads as listed above, I just need to make sure that the USB eLicenser is attached when I launch Dorico and try to use it?

(2) Does it matter what order I install the Dorico Pro 2 app, the Dorico Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE 3 app (assuming it’s an app), and the Dorico Playback 2 Library?

(3) Are there really no detailed instructions for installation?

(4) What else do I need to know? I really don’t want to mess this up and either have to start over or not get it to work.


Yes, absolutely right.

No, it doesn’t matter, though it’s a good idea to install all three of them (in any order) before you run Dorico itself for the first time.

There really aren’t. It’s a policy decision by our manuals team not to write installation instructions, I think in an effort to keep the engineering teams honest, so that hopefully the installation process can be made as straightforward as possible so as not to require detailed instructions. You can be the judge of whether or not we have achieved this!

I don’t think there’s really anything else you need to know before you get started. Good luck!

Thanks, Daniel!

My opinion is that both should be done: (1) the installation process should be straightforward enough so detailed instructions are not needed, and (2) there should be instructions for those who like to be sure, or are less intuitive with this stuff. But, as long as it comes out working, I’ll be OK. At this point, I’ve barely made a dent in the 6GB download, and the 2.92GB one is at 840MB, so it’ll be a while…