Installation Issues

I am trying to install Cubase 12 on my PC, updated today from Cubase 8 Pro. I deleted all files to do with Cubase 8 from my system for a fresh install. Re-installed Library manager, download assistant etc, and went to download the new software. However when I click to download Cubase to my system it comes up with an error

Error in Method)

Cannot run program “cmd” (in directory “C:\Program Files\Steinberh\Install Assistant”): CreateProcess error =267, The directory name is invalid

I have restarted my PC several Times, re-installed everything, started in safe mode, everything I can think of to fix this issue. Has anyone else had this problem or has Technology finally risen up against me?
Any help greatly appreciated!

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What version of Windows? Did you check against the system requirements?

I am having the exact same issue with windows 11 home.

I am having the same problem Nuendo 12 windows 10 I have created new folders and now I dont have the correct permissions, come on Steinberg where is your help that I contacted 3 hours ago?

Hi - what was the fix for this issue?
Having exactly the same issue with Steinberg Download Assistant on Windows 10, Cubase Elements 11

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I checked where the files were downloaded to and the installation files had downloaded so I installed direct from the download files and it worked without a problem, hope this helps someone

Fresh install of Windows10 21H2. This is the first software i’m trying to install. I am having this same issue. I can download the ‘read me’ file and it creates the folder in Downloads. I tried manually creating the ‘Download Assistant’ folder as well. It seems to think all the software is downloaded already. How do we fix this?

If you’re not getting the error shown in the first post then it might not be the same issue. You might be able to click Install Again to redownload and reinstall the files.

I am having the same issue in windows 10. Please help.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Java installed.

Trying to install windows AI 10 and face the same issue her in Windows 10, 64 bit

I decided to make a fresh installation of WIN 10 and I am having this issue with Cubase 12, any news?

I gave admin rights to Download Assistand and Activation Manager

Same problem - I had to reset my operating system, so after a fresh windows 10 reinstall I went to reinstall cubase 12 pro and got this error. Does anybody from Steinberg monitor this forum? seems odd there is no fix posted with so many folks having issues.

The work-around I used was to avoid using the download assistant and just download the necessary installation packs from my internet browser.

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how to download from browser?? I tried but couldnt figure it out, please explaine. unbelivable that nobody from the support cant help on this!!

Update Java to the latest version.

Create the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant folder manually.

Run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click the Settings button, change the Download directory.

Click the Cubase Pro 12 icon in the Steinberg Download Assistant and change the Target folder, or reset to default.

This forum does not allow me to post links, but you can fill in where I have noted dots and slashes.
You can choose what you need here:

I needed Cubase 12 Pro - so chose that and ended up here (where I could download all sorts of installation packs):