Installation of Cubase 6.5 from disk failed. Help me!

Hallo everybody!
I can’t install Cubase 6.5, there are window with inscription: «Setup has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.»
How to correct an error?

This is full program, it worked normally before Windows reinstallation. I even wrote one track! :wink:

My OS:

My product ($800):

Did you first install Cubase 6.0? 6.5 is an update. More info about your system and OS could also be helpful…

System requirement for Cubase 6 is windows 7

C6 runs perfectly well on XP.

Possible - but official supported system requirement is Win 7

Cubase 6 ran well on Window XP, problems weren’t, so error not because of system.

But lack of official support because of system…

I will rephrase my post in order to hopefully deter further repetitious comment.

Despite lack of official support, C6 runs perfectly well on XP.

Therefore because it runs perfectly well, official support is not normally required anyway.

Something seems to not run perfectly well for the OP. But maybe you could offer him some help…

How old is your optical disk drive, sometimes when they get old they don’t read properly, which causes errors. I had a drive become intermittent during a Komplete installation once… no fun!