Installation of Cubase LE 13

I have a problem downloading and installing Cubase LE.
From the Download Assistant when I select Cubase LE 13, the windows to the right shows available programs; the only application there is Cubase LE AI Elements 13.0.10, the rest are various add ons like Analog Techno, Drum Loop Expansion etc. There is no Cubase LE 13.
If I download and install Cubase LE AI Elements, then the program asks for a license which I don’t have.
I am able to login to mySteinberg with my user name and password. There is a mention of activation code that is supposed to be sent to me when I download the program but I never got it.
Please advise how to install and activate Cubase LE 13, which I understand does not require a paid license.

Неllo! I have the same question. Latest installed version was Cubase LE 11. How can I install Cubase LE 13?

Cubase LE AI Elements is the download you need. One app, three licenses possible. Just install and activate your license.

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