Installation of Dorico Elements Edu Issue

Hi, I just bought Dorico 2.2 Elements (Education version)
firstly I wanna say as feedback that this is the most tedious installation by far I have ever encountered and I’m pretty savvy with computers.

I got a serial number on my email from and another one with a different key on Steinberg’s site. can’t say I’m not confused!
the download link got me to downloading Steinberg download manager which only from it I can finally download Dorico. Okay so I click download Dorico elements 2.2 and the Halion VST and update.

So it downloaded and installed, and it says “Dorico PRO 2” on the opening screen for some reason, I double checked I did not accidentally download the PRO version, and I didn’t, I downloaded twice to make sure. The program prompts me then to enter a serial key but when I click it I get eLisencer control center opened, and that’s it! no success notification no nothing, I have no idea whether I’m activated I have typed no key. and then I reset the software to see if I get the “enter verification something” again and I do get that…

Also how do I transfer the soft E-key to the USB I already own from Cubase? I wanna be able to use the program on any PC one at the time… this is a very very important issue for me

Can anyone help me sort this mess please ? :frowning:
thanks for the support

Chummy, regardless of anything else, there is only ONE Dorico application. The installer is identical regardless of whether you download “Dorico Pro” or “Dorico Elements”. Dorico runs as either “Dorico Pro” or “Dorico Elements” dependent on which license is available.

Do you have a Dorico Pro trial running?

Hey man ty for clarifying. meanwhile I did some manual thing in which I copied the serial key from Steinberg site to my USB stick which contains Cubase and it appears to be successful. I don’t get the “enter verification” anymore which is “yay” but I didn’t get “authentication successful” message either. I do have a soft e licenser on my product control panel which is “empty” (what do I do with that? I suppose having the key registered to the USB is enough but do I need to do something on the empty one?)

What I still don’t get is, every time when I open Dorico it claims an error “one of the playback components have not been found : please install Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra library”… now this playback device is located under Dorico PRO and not Dorico Elements… confusion much? so even if I do install it I can’t use it? and if I don’t I get an error message every time?

Thanks man

Still sounds like Dorico’s running as Pro, not Elements. Is there a Dorico Pro trial license present?
If so, make a choice:
a) Understand that until the trial runs out Dorico will be running as Pro, not Elements, and you’ll either need to put up with the error message or install Playback 2 - Orchestra Library.
b) Delete the trial Dorico Pro license via eLicenser Control Center and understand that you’re intentionally forgoing the remainder of your free Dorico Pro trial, irrevocably.

if you DON’T have a Dorico Pro trial license present, say so!

I have not installed a trial version ever, I installed “Dorico 2 Elements” from the Steinberg Download Assistant. I think I am authorized now (but can’t confirm whether I’m doing right) because restarting the app takes me straight to the software without ever asking for authorization key anymore (that did happen after I registered key to the USB stick and as well on but still I’m asked to install Playback 2 orchestra strangely enough

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to turn up. Without paying out for Dorico Elements I can’t help you further, and as a fully paid-up Dorico Pro user I can’t justify the expense. Sorry!

Hopefully someone from the team will be along to help.

Your USB-eLicenser also contains a time-limited “all applications” license, I think, which means that Dorico is picking that license at the moment. Unfortunately there’s no way to force an application to pick a particular license: it’s going to grab the best, fullest one it can find, and the “all applications” license gives more features/capabilities than the Elements license, so that’s what it chooses.

I see Daniel. Does that mean that 30 days from now Dorico will pick by default the elemets lisence and stop displaying this message? Can I run the program with no problems due to these contradictory lisences?
Also what should I do with the “empty” soft e lisencer on e lisencer control panel?


You don’t need to do anything about the empty Soft-eLicenser: just leave it there.

You will probably find that Dorico will start picking up the Elements license sooner, because the “all applications” license is, I believe, limited to a certain amount of elapsed time running the applications.

Chummy, all of the following still applies. Just substitute “all Steinberg products trial” for “Dorico Pro trial”.