Installation of updated cubase version

Cubase 6.5 & Cubase 7 update owner.
I replaced to SSD drive on macbook pro and installed Lion 10.7.5 from scratch to have nice and clean setup.
Is it possible to install Cubase 7 directly (without 6.5 first) in some way? And also that everything will be there installed.

Prior to HD replacement I had both versions and after updating to cubase 7, my setup was missing all the logical editor preset, midi plugins presets and maybe more cause I didn’t notice it immediately.

Also for the future , I’m pretty sure that I will update again - how do you go for example from C5->C6>C7 ? Installing all this version?

Oftopic question: I want to upgrade to OS Mavericks ,read all the Steinberg notes but still hesitate. Is it ok to upgrade?

Thank you very much in advance.

All Cubase versions are independent…You do not need to install older versions.
Use one of the Complete installers…the 7.02 split by o/s is the smaller download and then run the 7.07 update.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: