Installation of Version went well

everything went well, updating via Steinberg Download Assistant is easy.
At one point I had to scratch my head, because the German translation is probably not at it’s best.
It says: [Dorico 4.0.10 Application Installer 521.17 MB „Erneut installieren“] which, translated to English would read as “Install again”. That’s a bit confusing - because we have not yet installed the 4.0.10 Application. A simple “Install“ or „Installieren“ would be sufficient and would reduce possible confusion.

same here.

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No; it downloads and installs automatically, so that button is indeed an “install again” button.

I downloaded the file and let it “verify” and then my button changed too.

Without pressing it, I opened dorico back up and it was running the new 4.0.10 version.

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You are right. The “options” that appear on the button are quite confusing. I was installing again when I tried and opened Dorico, and it turned out it was already perfectly installed. So I aborted that “new install” thing.

If one takes too long to read and approve the license, the SDA stops waiting and the Install Button reverts to Install Again, but once the license has been accepted and Next buttons on that panel followed through, the program has been installed.

The ‘Install again’ button in the SDA is confusing. To me, it suggests something went wrong and you need to keep trying. The mysterious green bar with the checkbox should read ‘successfully installed’ or something like that, maybe even including date and time.
And in the left column of the Dorico 4 update should read Dorico 4.0.10 update in full.

(But I must say the update as such went very smoothly indeed.)


Quite a few people mentioned the confusing “install again” button on installation of Dorico 4. Obviously, this is the Steinberg installer team’s doing, but IMO it would be a lot clearer if like some other installers it replaced the button with “installed” and greyed it out, then there could be a little drop down with the option to reinstall or uninstall…

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In my experience (today), if one clicks the Install Again button after taking too long to read the legal jargon, the SDA doesn’t download again and proceeds swiftly through the rest of the install process.

I was too eager to read carefully and clicked on the link to the Steinberg purchase page. :sweat_smile: So I closed that and simply launched the Steinberg Download Assistant, which updated itself and the Steinberg Activation Manager, and I downloaded the Version History and the application itself. Up and running in about a minute! And it looks and feels much more solid already, within a few minutes!

Weirdly, I’ve just noticed that I can drag the score about in Setup Mode - must have come in with Dorico 4 but I’ve only just noticed it since .0.10. Hooray!