Installation on a new pc and old steinberg dongle

I finally bought a new pc and now obviously the data and program transfer phase begins. I have a question about installing Dorico 4.3 on the new pc. Coming from version 3.5 I upgraded to 4.0 and gradually then I upgraded without problems up to the current one. My question is: can the fact that I still have the initial license of version 3.5 on the dongle influence the installation on the new pc in any way? Is any additional action required? Thanks for the support.

Just install on the new PC. Since the new license scheme allows you activations on 3 computers, you can go ahead in the Activation Manager and activate Dorico there with the new PC. If you are already at the limit of 3 activations, you can also release the activation on the old PC and then reclaim it on the new one.

Thank you! For now I only have one active licenseā€¦so no action is required. :+1:

Yes, just go ahead.