Installation on Mac?

I am having trouble installing both Cubase and Waveform after a purchasing Zoom H2N -

I can download both but on installation it never gets past the “verifying package” stage

Help appreciated.


I’ve had this issue with some software and its not frozen, it just takes a really long time to verify. I’m talking 20min+. So if you try to install then take a dinner break, I bet it gets past verifying when you get back.

Are you using an SSD for your system drive? If so make sure your Trim is on. Mac OSX does not do this so you have to use a 3rd party software like I believe this is what fixed the issue for me. Also check your system HD and make sure its not full. Good rule of thumb is to only keep it at 80% capacity. The OS needs room to cashe files and this insures that it has space. Also do the standard repair permissions in OSX disk utility, and you may want to try fixing the directory with tools like diskwarrior.

Hopefully one of these troubleshooting methods will help.