Installation problem on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

I’ ve recently purchased an UR22mkII interface, which comes bundled with download codes of cubase AI and LE.

I downloaded the .dmg file, unmounted it and installed the software. However, there is no icon of cubase AI in my applications folder nor can I find the installation through Spotlight. Also, also my hard drive is reduced by 7-9 GB. This is very unusual and frustrating and the worst thing is that i cannot uninstall properly the application because my macbook doesn’t “see” the installation in the first place. What could I do? Please help!

Hi and welcome,

What Cubase AI version did you get? If you got Cubase AI 7, make sure to install newer version of Cubase AI 7, not 7.0.0. You need the full installer.