Installation problem(s)

Hi, so briefly- download manager downloads Padshop 2 and new content around 700mb. Padshop then gets installed ok, content opens up Halion Library Manager that is latest version. I get the message “SLM privileged manager has wrong version…please get the latest SLM and reinstall”. It will give me same message after reinstalling.

In SLM under the Padshop, there are no visible new content. How to proceed?

I have exactly the same problem and posted about it more than a month ago (Dec 20). I also called and was told that they were working on a fix. Meanwhile, I can’t use the plugin and it also screwed up my previously working copy of Padshop Pro. This is really frustrating and Steinberg NEEDS TO FIX THIS. It is pretty annoying to have paid for something that doesn’t work and to be ignored on top of it.

guys you must actually be joking i just bought this . i run ableton 10 there has to be some update . Never been so furious at being mislead like this

This was fixed and I was contacted by Steinberg to inform me of this. I hope you have been notified as well.