İnstallation Problem- "The Specified path too long"

İnstallation Problem- “The Specified path too long” then receiving a fatal Error message. “Cubase 12 installation failed.Fatal Error during installation. Error Code:1603”. Has any one faced this problem before?

Hello Maksim and welcome to the Forum,

To answer the question: No I never had this problem before.
In order to get help it could be nice to give some additional info about the problem.
What are you trying to do?
Cubase version?
OS version?
What is the source you are using for the install?

The normal procedure is to install the Steinberg Download Assistant and let this do the work.

I think I’ve seen this type of problem from time to time - mostly on older operating systems.

It tends to show up, when having something nested quite deeply in sub-folders of sub-folders of sub-folders and/or folders with very long names.

The solution is typically to install things in not so deeply nested folders and/or give disk drives and/or folders shorter names.

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