Installation problems


Yesterday I downloaded 10.5 trial, ran it till the activation timed out, then uninstalled it. Bought the Update package today so I now have my Auth Code. Rather than download the whole thing again I though I could just install what I downloaded yesterday, but when I run it it says activation has timed out and you can’t use it anymore. Do I really have to download the 21GB again from the link provided in my sales email. All that does is provides the download assistant, which I’ve already got. So what gives here?

Any suggestions most welcome

Sorted! Just need to read that splurge that appears each time you start eLicenser. Select ‘Action’ then ‘Enter Auth Code’. Entered my new 10.5 code, it asks which licence you want to upgrade… select your current version and off you go.

All working fine now and no need to download anything