installation problems

took the offer of a trial run of SL7
after downloading the program i got some error messages on install:
Spectralayers error 1.png
Spectralayers error 2.png
Spectralayers error 3.png
after ignoring the errors i tried to load a file in C10.5 via ARA and Cubase crashed.
tried to reinstall SL after downloading directly from Steinberg (not through Manager) with the same results.
meanwhile, my trial license is expiring…

any help?


Hi kamalski,

First, what happens if you restart your computer and try to install SpectraLayers again, before any other software is launched ?

If it doesn’t work, what happens if you try to install the latest eLicenser from the Steinberg website ?

Then please launch the eLicenser Controler Center, click Support > Create Support Log and send me back that file (in PM or to contact [at] ).


]ollowing your procedure:
restart fresh. install latest eLicenser
gets stuck with the same errors as in Spectralayer installation:
elicense 1.png
elicense 2.png
elicense 3.png
after that i can start eLicenser and it shows the new version, but fails to read licenses.

Wavelab and Cubase are unable to load.
quite a nice mess!

(can’t attach more than 3 files…???) see next message

additional screenshots

elicense 5.png

Ok; can you launch the eLicenser Controler Center, click Support > Create Support Log, and send me back that log file (here or in PM or to contact [at] ).

can’t launch elicenser. i get the error message and crash. (see last 2 images posted)