Installation question

So I’ve “activated” my upgrade license (from v4 to v5.x) and installed NEK. The current version installed on my laptop and desktop of the main application is Nuendo trial version (v5).

Now during start of Nuendo it asks if I want to upgrade my license from trial. I enter the license again and it’s a valid license but it won’t allow me to update the dongle because it already has the correct v5 license…!

Uh, what?

Do I have to uninstall v5 trial and then reinstall the “correct” version or something?

What if you select your Nuendo 5 trial license in the eLicenser Control Center and enter your new (full version) activation license code (under action menu) ?

I can’t see no way of removing the license from the USB key otherwise.

I checked your USB-eLicenser and the Nuendo 5.5 license is already on the eLicenser. It wouldn’t help to remove the Nuendo installation as the trial content is bascially the same. Could you send me a screenshot of the dialogue you get as a private message?

I got it sorted out, thanks.

It’s a bit confusing when you buy a product, get the code, input the code, code is accepted, software then asks for a license. So then you have to contact support or forum to get a new code. That’s a bit confusing.

But all sorted now.

Good to know!