Installation & set-up queries

Hi there,

I Have installed Cubase 5 on my laptop and going to quickly I installed the french version.
Is it possible to rectify this in order to have it in English?

My 2nd question : I also have the Komplete 6 edition of Native Instruments, how do I work out step by step the VST plugins, etc…So that both ( Cubase & N.I ) can work together.

3rd and last question : Is it possible to either copy, or re-install Cubase on an external Western Digital hard-disk.
in order to gain space on my laptop

Sorry for all these questions I am a novice,


You can install Cubase 5 as many times as you like. Regarding the language issue, I’d uninstall and reinstall to be safe.


Copying Cubase probably won’t work, but you can install it anywhere you like. Not sure how an external drive would work performance wise, but it will work.

I don’t know about the language thing, if there is no language setting in preferences I fear you will need to reinstall.

As for the VST’s: You can install them one by one. You don’t need standalone versions, just VST. Install those to the Cubase/VST folder. If they’re VST2 (Which I think they are) I recommend you create a nice folder tree in the VST folder because this also determines how the instruments are sorted in the cubase VSTi list.