Installation time

I have a question. In general, when you are using the Steinberg Download Assistant for downloading Doriko, how long would its installation take?

Installation itself will normally take only a few minutes, but first you have to download the 9GB data to be installed, and the time that takes will be dependent on factors like your own internet connection speed, the current load on the content delivery network, and so on.

Hi Daniel
if someone already has installed from Cubase Pro HalionSonic SE and Halion Symphonic Orchestra will the download be the same?

The download will still include the content, I’m afraid, but the installer won’t actually install the content if you already have it, and you can chuck the download away after installation: you can always download it again from MySteinberg if you need to.

Here at release morning, my download looks set to take maybe two and a half hours. Not bad. That’s about the time it takes me to fully wake up, anyway. :3

Also, Daniel, when Dorico finishes downloading, the pause button is disabled and the status bar moves from left to right and back again. Is this normal?

You can’t pause a completed download, so that sounds OK to me…

About the installer, would it eventually appear as soon as Dorico finishes downloading from the SDA?

You’ll just have to double-click the download .dmg file and then double-click the ‘Start Installation’ in the window that appears, then follow your nose.

Right. Just to be sure, I have Aria2 installed on there as the Download Manager so I can track my download progress.