Installation Wavelab 9 problem

Hello, can anyone help me out with installing Wavelab 9?

just downloaded the demo, e licenser control center, activated everything on the website, checked maintainence for syncing, restarted but it still doesnt work… :unamused:

Soft e licenser is there on the main page but when I enter the code for Wavelab there is the sign I cant select the soft licenser ( I have already Wavelab 7 there)
THANK YOU so so much


WaveLab Pro 9 requires a USB eLicenser in order to run the software (including the demo). You can purchase one here:

If you’d like to run WaveLab off the soft eLicenser, you will need to download the demo for WaveLab Elements 9:

Thank you.

THank you, thais was helpful :exclamation: