I have been attempting to install the Dorico trial and SE sounds package most of the day on a Mac with High Sierra. The Download Assistant merely reports that my download is beginning but that’s as far as it goes. Daniel has been very helpful but I’m sure he has better things to do!
Does anyone have an idea how I get this solved? I tried a separate installation of SE 3 but that wouldn’t play ball with Dorico itself.

When I have Force Quit the assistant to stop the download that never happens I am also forced to restart the laptop. I have to say that I find the assistant clunky in the extreme. It just reminds me of how things were with PCs 10 years ago or am I being too harsh?

Here are the direct download links:

Dorico installer
HALion Sonic SE 2 installer
HALion Symphonic Orchestra installer

I would say what most of you already know - Daniel and the Dorico team offer the best support in the business. I am now happily trialling Dorico in High Sierra. The downloads installed impeccably which is more than I can say for the Download Assistant! I see the latter as a Steinberg issue that Dorico could well do without.

You are not the first user that had problems with the installer under High Sierra… Well, to be fair with Steinberg, they have not acknowledged any 100% compatibility with that OS (I am still using El Capitan…), but your thread will be useful for other new Doricians ! Welcome to our club :wink:

Thank you for the warm welcome! Unfortunately, after a promising start I had to recover High Sierra from a backup as HALion had got in such a mess. Errors and weird sounds when inputting. This probably happened because i went for the free version 3 and then tried to manually uninstall it! I’m afraid my. Mac is now without Dorico and I’m using it on my PC only for now.

I’m trying to reserve judgement because I spent many hours on it over the weekend and needed a break. As you say, Steinberg have not approved use with High Sierra as yet. I think the issue in my case lay with the somewhat ironically named ‘Download Assistant’.Hoping to go to a presentation this Friday and find renewed energy for the Mac!

A used MacBook Pro with High Sierra recently installed is on its way to me as we speak.

I take it from this thread that I should seriously consider reverting back to plain old Sierra before attempting to install Dorico on it?

(It is a 2013 model that originally came with Mavericks, and the person I obtained it from has installed every available OS update on it as soon as it came out, and is very excited to have put High Sierra on it. But I want Dorico to install properly!)

Any guidance on this matter would be most appreciated.

Although Steinberg as a whole is not yet ready to fully recommend High Sierra for use with the current versions of all of our products, our experience so far has been that Dorico and its associated bits and bobs work fine on High Sierra and there’s no reason to roll back to Sierra.