Installed 11 instead of 12


I got a license for cubase 12 LE but accidentally clicked 11. Now it seems like my code is used and gone. Is there any way I get the version 12 running? (I’ve been wating for weeks to get an answer from support.)

Kr, Jan

All you need to do is download Cubase 12 LE and install it.

Doesn’t seem to work.
I also installed the cubase 12 pro trial (since I couldn’t work for the LE), and now I’m getting Grace period expired errors on LE.
Cubase 11 still opens however.

Can’t really understand what you’re saying. Can you upload a screenshot of your Activation Manager and also your Elicenser window?

The trial expired for a different license than you seem to be asking about.

Of course, if you click the dismiss button in the activation manager you will see more info., such as your licenses.

The dismiss button brings me to the activation manager, which shows the license for pro.
I just cannot seem to get the eLicenser for LE to be working for cubase 12 LE.

Didn’t get answers via mySupport, but by calling a had a new download code in minutes.
Very happy with support via phone