Installed C6.0.7 64 bit , no Rewire in devices

I spent all day messing with this, scouring the forum, the web, my computer and couldn’t sort out what is going wrong with C6.0.7 64 bit. There is absolutely no rewire showing up in devices. I installed LIVE 9 Beta 64 bit, ran it in standalone first, then opened C 6.0.7 and still no Ableton rewire.

Rewire works in C 6.0.7 32 bit, of course. Which doesn’t help me for my movie project, which will be heavy LIVE usage.

If anyone can shed some bright light on this, it would be much appreciated.

My other thought is to just upgrade to Cubase 7 64 bit tomorrow and hope that everyone plays together then!

Thanks in advance,

Mr. Anxiety

A side note, I just noticed it is acknowledging me as a new member, even though I’ve used Steinberg products since the Atari days, and have been on these forums for ever as well… funny that!

I can’t thank anyone for the solution, since no one replied.

I did solve this by uninstalling ALL versions of Ableton Live and reinstalling the Live 8 Beta which is 64 bit compatible.
This somehow corrected the rewire situation on my PC and created the appropriate “Ableton Live rewire” device in the pull down.

Solution… when all else fails, uninstall all versions of Ableton Live and reinstall to get proper rewire functionality.

Mr A.