Installed Cubase 12 but none of my Cubase 11 projects or files visible

i sure hope there is upward compatibility but seems funny there is no option to recognize projects and have the option to import them and/or convert them to v12.


Cubase is highly compatible between versions both forwards and backwards.

I’m not sure I understand your problem. If you go to File>Open… can’t you navigate to your older Projects and open them? Can you not locate older Projects or are you unable to actually open them? Or is it something else?

i’m sure i can for the 50 projects but it would be easier if they still showed in “recent projects” so i have the order of the projects i was working on still.
if i can only do it the way you say, i guess i have a lot of extra work i wasnt expecting or will still use 11 for those projects.
if compatible i guess i should be able to copy all the files true?

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sorry, i guess i didn’t answer your question(s)
i could file>open but that would be tedious. i used the “recent projects” as a way to keep versions of the same and different projects in order so i know which one i want to select.

i was unaware of the projects physical location. never had to look for it before.
maybe they are just in neighboring directories.
i was hoping to delete/uninstall all the cubase 11 stuff if i find i like Cubase 12.

You probably mean they don’t appear in the hub recent projects. This doesn’t mean you can’t open them. As mentioned above just go to file open and browse to them as you would with other software. You can still uninstall Cubase 11. You don’t need it to open existing projects.

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In Windows (don’t know about Macs) the recent files list is maintained by Windows for each program. Since Cubase 11 and Cubase 12 are two entirely different programs independently installed, Windows will keep a separate recent files list for each program.


yeah, thats unfortunate. In this case I don’t have no more than about 20 projects but as I work more I have hundreds of projects I’ll be inclined not to upgrade again because of that will be too much work lost/work just to do to catch up.
this type of “upwardly compatible” set of features could just be obtained from the Windows object it gets stored in for Cubase 11 into Cubase 12 right?
instead of file-> open every goddam thing one at a time.

You lose nothing? I have hundreds of projects which wouldn’t even fit in the hub. I have them logically named so easy to get to. I use open other all the time as the hub doesn’t reflect all possible projects.

You are severely limiting yourself with this. I really don’t understand what the problem is.

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I have about 50 projects in Cubase 11. I’m not sure what you meant by “you lose nothing?”.
I know I can find the projects in Cubase 11 open each up individually with “open other”.
I was just wondering if there’s a way to get them into “recent projects” in Cubase 12 without having to do it that way that’s all.

You can find them in Cubase 12 as well so you lose nothing except they are not in recent in the hub. I wouldn’t have thought that was critical to if you ever upgrade again?

You only need to do that if and when you intend to work on an older Project. I’ve got dozens of Cubase 7 Projects that were finished using 7 and remain Cubase 7 Projects to this day. There is no reason to convert it to Cubase 12. But if I want to work on it in Cubase 12 it will open just fine. And then if I save it will become 12.

When a new version comes out & the new version’s recent file list is empty (because that program has not yet opened the file so it is not a recent file, it can’t be). I just double click in Explorer on whatever Project files I was working on, and they open in the new version. And the new program adds the file to its recent file list - because now it actually is a recent file. All Windows programs behave this way - each WHATEVER.EXE file has it’s own list and none of them put files on their list that they didn’t open.

yea i understand. i guess i should not have made recent projects part of my workflow/reference. its a convenient feature but now i wont rely on it.

its not that big a deal it was just surprised that some settings did not migrate to v12. i should have guessed that when it did not upgrade the v11 files but create a separate app altogether.