Installed dspMixFx and AU plugins, now GarageBand can't launch

I have the UR44. Been using it for a few years now - Using GarageBand and Adobe Audition. I finally got to installing the updates and Basic Effects bundle. Marvellous to actually have an on screen mixer and being able to pan my stereo inputs appropriately!
However, as soon as I rebooted, GarageBand fails to load, complaining about licenses for the plugins. I can’t work out how to remove these plugins.
Can anybody help? I’ve been Googling a solution - but no joy.

You obviously went through the install for the Tools. I have the UR824 so I assume it’s similar for the UR44 but in the uncompressed Tools installation folder there are uninstallers for different components. If you don’t want all of the FX suite then you can use that uninstaller to remove them.

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Uninstalling the Basic FX Suite fixed it! Thanks heaps!

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Brilliant – glad it worked for you!