Installed from DVD Issue

Hey Everyone,

I’ve just installed Dorico from DVD gone through Both DVD’s and gone to run the program… All I can find is the licencing and activation…

Can’t actually find a program to run… Have I done something wrong here? Also it seems to block the software through my proxy so I can’t download any updates…
What do I do?

You can find “Dorico” icon in the Windows Programlist under “Steinberg Dorico”.

During the installation process, you should have been prompted to download the Dorico installer itself (around 150MB), but if access to the download servers is blocked, obviously that will have failed.

Presumably you have another computer on which you can download software, and then move the downloaded files onto the computer that doesn’t have access to the Internet? If so, you can download the appropriate installer from:


Update: Please cross-refer this reply with other replies below. Something in this thread is out of date.

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Similar to Cubase, Dorico utilizes Windows Installer to install. You may want to check all available files with “.msi” extension on your DVD. Some of them installs Dorico, while some of them install the HALion sounds necessary for Dorico default playback.

NOTE 1: eLicense driver and control center installer is not in .msi format but in .exe format. If you install Dorico through .msi files, I suggest you to get the latest installer of eLicense Control Center from Steinberg website.

NOTE 2: If you have internet available, Steinberg Download Assistant should provide least hassles to you for the installation of Dorico main app. You may still want to install the sound libraries from DVD since these contents were not changed for years till now, saving your data fees from your ISP.

No, ShikiSuen, the Dorico installer is not included on the DVD-ROM. Installing Dorico from DVD-ROM requires Internet access in order to download and install the Dorico application itself.

Thanks for your latest intel. Looks like the Steinberg Download Assistant is the best way for him to manually fetch the Dorico app installer.

Or, indeed, the direct links to the Windows and Mac installers I posted in my initial reply to this thread.

Yours are the fastest for the current public release of Dorico, no doubt.

I thought it might be something to do with needing to download the installer…
I’ll get it done at home… Proxies always making my life hard here at work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help everyone.
Music Teacher will be happy once it’s working.