installed new update..cubase is stable but content takes ages to load

ive updated to the newest update and its much more stable now but my included content and samples are taking ages to load or show up…
for example ill load up groove agent 5se and then browse the kits ,the window is blank and the scan icon is visable then it takes a few minutes to show its contents.
in the previous version content was very fast but cubase was very buggy and crashed alot.
is there anyway to fix this and speed it up?thanks

I’ve installed a new update too. For me is more buggy than earlier. I have crashes almost every 2-5 minutes. I can’t work, I’m afraid of taking it live on stage…its completely useless… and I am really pissed off about paying for this. Ver. 9.5 worked just fine and now I have no DAW at the moment… :angry:

  1. the content manager sucks, i manually MOVED (or installed if possible) all vstsound files in one folder on another drive. Made shortcuts in that location, and MOVED them in C:\Users\ - USERNAME - \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content. C10 loads them real fast since then, no more errors.

  2. You can still work with 9.5, the old installation should be there still, or reinstall it … i’ve got both running. Also seems like your Visual basics are incomplete, or DotNET.