Installed on 2nd Computer - Halion not accessing libraries

I had Dorico 3.5 on my upstairs computer. I did the update to 4.0, which allows me to install on more than one computer. Today I tried to install Dorico on my downstairs computer.

Dorico works fine, but…no sounds during playback. Upon further inspection, Halion isn’t connecting to the libraries. Going into Halion, Sonic SE 3, nothing is able to be pulled up. Steinberg Libary shows everything the way it should.

What am I missing? How can I make Halion work?


Let’s start with a diagnostics report. Please launch Dorico and create a new project from piano template and enter a few arbitrary notes. Then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. The contained log files give me a first overview, from where I then can give more advice. Thanks

Hi. I followed your instructions to create the help zip file. I am unable to upload the zip file because it is 80mb and it appears this forum has a 4mb limit.

Here is a dropbox link
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Please let me know next steps.


Hi @Tommy-boy , thanks for the data.
Dorico does not recognize any of the HALion contents files.
Can you please post a listing (or screenshot) of C:/Program Data/Steinberg/Content ?
And also a screeshot of what Steinberg Library Manager shows. Thank you very much.
I suspect it to be an access rights problem, but we have to find out.
Btw, if you open in Dorico the mixer window and bring the editor window of REVerence (inserted plug-in in the effect send channel), does that correctly show the impulse response graphics? I assume it does, right?

I believe that you still need to use the steinberg dongle to access halion. So if you have the dongle in your old computer, put it in the new computer when you want to use it.

One should not need a dongle to access the standard HALion HSO instruments (not necessarily counting the free one-off HALion add-ons) if one has updated the HALion SE Player along with Dorico 4.

screen shot

partial screen shot in halion vstsound folder

reverence in editor window of mixer window

-Let me know if I need to provide any additional info


Hi Ulf,

Since you’re talking about access rights, some more access rights info abt this computer. I’m using this on a Windows 10 machine on a standard account. A separate admin account is needed/used for installation purposes. I do this to cut down on malware threats. Not sure if this impacts the analysis.


When you (or someone else) installed Dorico as Administrator) was it installed “for all users”?

Hi @Tommy-boy , thank you for the info.
So REVerence is working correctly, that’s good to know. Now go to C:/Program Data/Steinberg/Content/VSTSound, there are 3 files with REVerence in the name. Do a right click on them, choose Properties and then the Security tab. Then take this as a blue print for all other vstsound files and make sure that they have the same security settings. I think that is the key to your problem.

It looked like the permissions were the same, but the user I was using had very limited rights. So I changed this to full control. Everything works now!

Thanks for your help.


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