Installed Win10 on SSD, HALion can't find content on HDD

I just installed WIndows 10 on a new SSD, and I am slowly but surely installing everything that made Cubase run so smoothly on the Windows 7 partition.

I’m having trouble with HALion, though. I have installed the same update that I installed on WIndows 7, thinking I could point HALion in the direction of the samples I use. Not so. I have tried, and tried but there are LOTS of content I simply can’t find anywhere, including all the HALion 4 patches.

I have had HALion since 1, so I have a great deal of stuff, both homemade and Steinbergs, and I can’t figure out where the missing samples are. I have tried my HAlion folder (on separate hard disk), the Program Files\Steinberg etc. folder, and EVERYTHING.

Where are they? They load fine in the WIndows 7 partition!

Ok, found out that it is in user/appdata.

Very well hidden.