Installed Windows 7 64 - Need ti reinstall Cubase 5


Not sure if/how to do this. I had Cubase SX3 and bought the update to Cubase 5.
Now I just upgraded to Win 7 64bit so that I could use more RAM for my plugins.

So how do I go about installing Cubase now, I’m guessing SX3 won’t install on my Windows 7 for be to do the whole install, then upgrade route. Can I download Cubase 5 for Windows 7 from here?

When you bought the update to 5, did it come with discs? They probably have a full install on them.
If you don’t have the discs, you may have to contact support for a download.

Thanks for the reply,

Yes I have all the discs, but I have SX3 install and the for upgrade to 5. Will the discs for SX3 install on Windows 7 64 bit? 7 wasn’t even out when SX3 was built.

Did you try to just install Cubase 5 from the discs? (without trying to install SX3 first). To my knowledge all “upgrade” packages come with a full install on the discs. The “update” is really just to the license itself.

EDIT: To be more clear… Put the Cubase 5 discs in the computer and run the installer and see what happens.

Haha yes that worked, WooHoo!!

Thank you :smiley: