Installed windows 8 and now cubase crashed on every load

I cannot find out how to dump preferences. Any help?

I cannot open project templates or older 6.5 projects…

uninstalled 7 and installed 6 and 6 runs just fine.

So what is your question?


why wont cubase 7 work on win 8 ? as soon as it is open, if i go to load empty template or older project it says, " windows is looking for a solution."

I am loading 6 then 6.5 then 7 and I hope this works. I dont understand why it wouldnt… I just updated the os last night and everything was seemingly fine… this mornin cubase 7 crashed on every load.

Have you upgraded from Windows 7 (so all old applications/preferences still exist) or was this a clean install?

For the first case, I would try to rename your Cubase preferences folder, so Cubase will initialize it again with “fresh” settings.

i just did a fresh install on everything… starting with 6 and moving forward… Ill know in about 10 minutes.

made no difference, still crashes on loading.

So you do get it up on screen ok, its just when you try to load a template or project?


yes, only when i go to load a project… I have fresh install of os and no 3rd party plugs present. I am still messing with it.

looks like might be heading back to 7

Im not running Cubase 7, Im running 6.5 and i also had alot of problems with Windows 8 so i returned to W7.
One example being the vst bridge. Works great in W7 but crashes in W8.
Cubase also freezed when closing the program in W8.

I have 8 and Cubase 7 running no problem so it can be done.
With CB7 open check your hardware set up in devices, the may be a mismatch there with your CB 6 settings


I also had issues with closing, stop program error and net solution bar came up everytime.

Make sure Net Framework is installed. I had a few issues until that got installed. It works well now.

Installed C7 64 bits on a clean Win8 PC.
I only use 64 bits VST’s
Some plugins need Netframework 3.0/3.5

I have the same problem on Win7 64bit. Trying to run Cubase 7 (64bit) crashes on startup. Not been able to get in. Cubase 7 32bit i can start if i’m fast enough to start a project before the “Hub” crashes cubase. Although I’ve not been able to keep it running for more than 10-15 minutes before Cubase 32bit crashes too (no plugins running, just playing around with chordtrack and so on).

Try disabling the Steinberg Hub from preferences, and delete information in the Application Data Folder from the Start Menu of Windows before loading cubase. Load Cubase without loading a project and create a new project from scratch.

If it still crashes it may be a driver issue.