Installer mess [SOLVED]

Well… i must be really dumb that i can’t install cubase 10 properly. After a few trys, i uninstalled c9.5 & c8.5 (that i keep for compatibility reasons), but i’m on it for maybe two/three hours, and i just can’t figure how to make a fresh cubase 10 install. The main installer installs cubase & refresh the main instruments (padshop, groove agent, halion sonic - that seems to be still there for any reason, but not in the steinberg folder), but don’t install the new c10 content for any reason (no mpe, no impulses for reverence, no the kit in ga…). I have this ‘’ additional content’’ beside the c10 installer, with some other installers for groove agent, pad shop & retrologue (? - aren’t they installed by the main one ?), and the “vst sound” folder with all the .vstsound, but whatever i do, they don’t install.
What am i missing and why don’t we just have a single .exe with everything to tick/untick and a path to choose ? It’s beyond me. I remember i had a bit of trouble when i installed halion 6, and found the whole thing really unclear/messy, or maybe it’s just me.
Any help appreciated ! :mrgreen:

Couple of questions. Have you extracted the Cubase 10 folder from file, or are you executing it from within? I was doing that. Extracting it now. Are you double-clicking on the .msi file (my second mistake) or are you running setup.exe? Setup.exe will not run from within file, and running just the.msi simply installs the defaults (as I am learning). When the extraction finishes, I’ll run setup.exe and let you know what happens.

Thanks, Jamgirl. I extracted the zip in its own folder, and ran the .exe from the extracted file.

I just did as I described (copied the “Cubase 10” folder from the compressed file to its own location, and as soon as the extract finished, the install started. Gave me the option to re-install and update components. I now have GA 5, and everything else.

Thanks, Jamgirl. Was it an upgrade from a previous version or a fresh install ?

Upgrade from 9.0

My question is, does the Installer.exe actually install everything in the 21 GB Additional Content folder? Or do we have to copy this over manually to the Content folder?

That’s a good question. I tried a few times, the main installer seems to install everything, but in fact it don’t. It don’t let me choose the path, so i suppose it used the path choosen when i installed cubase 9.5. I now have the kit se but i had to double click on the file in the “additional content” folder to register it in the library manager. No sign of additional impulses in reverence, nor mpe content, nor other new banks.
Not really important but the whole thing is not really clear to me.

So if ever one have this problem i solved it doing the following : copying all the .vstsound files in the location of my choice. Making shortcuts and pasting the shortcuts in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound