Installing 10.5 after 11

Hi, I want to use Cubase 10.5 parallel to 11, to check stems and to sync it to Cubase 11 to host video files.
Cubase 11 is already installed

Is there anything I would have to know? Can I install 10.5.20 directly because 10.5 says it will install 22gb and I wouldn´t want that.

you can just install the Cubase program, or app in Mac OS, without the 22GB of content.

10.5 and 11 can coexist… although usually the order is 10.5 to 11, with 11 picking up your preferences from the 10.5 preferences folder.

I’m not sure if 10.5 would pick up preferences from the 11 folder, though. It might just do what it usually does and pick them up from an earlier version of Cubase you’ve installed in the past.

To install a fresh 10.5, I would simply go in to your preferences folder
… on MAC it’s “{username}/Library/preferences”} …
and find all the Cubase folders in there and just temporarily hide them.
Then install 10.5 and start it up, let it create a preferences folder.
THEN go back and unhide your other Cubase preferences folders

Thanks! I will try that, is there a way to avoid downloading 22gb in the download manager?

Not with 10.5 or earlier. Starting with Cubase 11, they broke out the content so it could be downloaded or not depending on what you want.

Is there any particular reason you want to check your stems using 10.5 & not 11? What are you trying to accomplish? As there may be other ways to get there.

I want to be able to run them side by side, 10.5 slaved to 11, so I can put the video file on 10.5 and keep the different cues, and stems in that session, even when opening and closing sessions in 11.

It´s similar to some composers use protools as a master session.

I have heard that I can rename 11 and run two of them, but I am using dtouch and when I try to open the second 11 instance it closes.

That’s exactly what I was thinking of suggesting. But if it won’t work then 10.5 is the way to go - sorry about the download. I’m not familiar with dtouch, hopefully it won’t mind the different versions.

I just had an idea, don’t know if it will work or not. Windows lets you create multiple Desktops and switch between them. I don’t use this feature so don’t know much about it. But I wonder if that would let you open a separate instance of 11 in each Desktop.

Thanks, will try 10.5, sadly Cubase won´t open in a different desktop!

Installing 10.5 as say Elements instead of Pro would come with less content to download. But there are other tradeoffs.