Installing 3rd party VSTs in Cubase - where is the Plug-in Manager Window in Elements 10.5?

So I’m new to Cubase and doing a 30 day trial of Elements 10.5, and I’m planning on buying the paid version once the trial period ends. I am trying to figure out how to install 3rd party VSTs. How do I do that? I read some tutorials on the Steinberg website help section, but they mention you need to go to the Plug-in Manager window. This is supposed to be under Devices > Plug-in Manager, however ‘Devices’ does not exist on Elements 10.5.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to what to do and how to figure out how to install 3rd party VSTs? Thanks.


The Devices menu has been renamed to Studio since Cubase 10. So it’s Studio > VST Plug-in Manager.