Installing 7.02 on Yosemite fails

I am trying to install the full Cubase 7.02 on my new Mac Pro, the error message I get is: You need at least OSX 10.6 to install Cubase, sure, thank you but I have 10.10 installed so what’s up with that? I wish I could only use the latest update installer released this year, but that’s not possible. Any ideas?


Today I tried installing version 7.07 on Yosemite, but the same error message showed up when running the installer, so I guess there is no way to install Cubase 7 or 7.5 on Yosemite for now. I’ll try to get some feedback from the support team about this.

Have you reviewed this knowledgebase article?

Thank you, I could have just gooled that, I suppose. Will try that installer app now. For fresh installs making 7.5 compatible with Yosemite is useless though, as you have to install version 7.0 first, which isn’t supported.

7.5 does not require 7.0 to be installed.

Oh I see, the installer I had stored on my Backup disk claimed so, thank you for your help!

You’re welcome, and props to you for your VST sound content work.

Cheers :smiley: