installing 8.5 while 10 is already installed issue.

it may not be but I’m not sure,
when installing 8.5 the installer says it will update Halionsonic SE, Grooveagent SE, …and that it will install grooveagent SE acoustic agent and rock pop toolbox drums,
my question is shouldn’t these things already be installed? can an older version be performing an update when 10 is installed? :confused: :confused:

what am I missing? does this mean 10 is not installed properly?

best, Kevin :slight_smile:


I would more expect the message is not proper. Probably HALion Sonic SE installer finds a different version of HALion Sonic SE, and it expects, it’s an older version.

My 2 cents.

It say’s it’s gonna update…not downdate :confused: :confused: I’m just trying to figure out if installing 8.5 will interfere with cubase 10 please… :slight_smile: it looks like it will if it’s gonna downdate things…


I’m quite sure you can install both with no issue.